WED AM 11/28 TASKS DUE 12/5

DANESEND Charlie Brown one sheet (include logos and maybe quotes)
SEND thank you to Bruce after meeting
SELECT and REHEARSE Scott David Scene
TAPE and DROP off filmed scene (focusing on a show you have a relationship with the CD)
SPEND 1 hour on mailchimp/google contacts

WRITE and POST breakdown for guy part by thursday night
CAST your scene by next week
SEND mail chimp
SIGN UP for workshop
FOLLOW UP with crew

PRE-GAME Jamie Castro
POST-GAME Becky Silverman
DRAFT and SEND holiday E-PDB
TAPE and DROP OFF audition on tape
FOLLOW UP with managers

DROP OFF resume’s at 5 fabulous restaurants
CRUISE Craig’s List
CHECK IN with manager about target list and workshops
SUBMIT every day
GTS 3 times this week

GO TO actor salon facebook and look for others mailchimps
SPEND 1 hour on mailchimp
RECORD what you’re doing
OBSERVE Dane/Rachel/Kat’s taping on friday
GOOGLE the shit 3 times this week, with 15 minute timer
POST GAME Thursdays workshop

REVISE your breakdowns
HAVE an AMAZING meeting
DRAFT your castability sheet
GTS 3 times this week
SIGN UP for CAZT and SUBMIT 5 times
SEND Thank You note after your meeting’


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