TUES AM 11/27 DUE 12/4


KEEP UP food journal
CONTINUE tweaking wardrobe
PREGAME Jamie with letter
RESEARCH mailchimp newsletters
DRAFT mailchimp


MAIL pdb
SIGN UP for multi-week workshop
REVISE breakdowns

DRAFT castability sheet


SEND mailchimp
SUBMIT 15 times this week
GOOGLE THE SHIT on three of those projects you submit for
PRE-GAME Dean Fronck’s office
PICK headshot photographer


FOLLOW UP a second time
REVISE target list
SEND Group to actor salon
SEND mailchimp
SPEND 3 hours on re-writes for short
BOOK shoot date
SPEND 2 hours on workshop scene/2 on acting class scene

SUBMIT 15 times with notes


READ sides ten times a day
WATCH something in Japanese every day
POST game Jamie and Andrew’s office again
REVISE target list, adding indie people
SUBMIT every day with notes and GTS


SIGN UP for multi-week workshop
SIGN UP for Scott Weisner one nighter
SCHEDULE a private with Killian
DRAFT reel
PUT Jay Leno on website


SEND a new letter to Renida
EDIT video for four hours
SEND agent opinion email for commercial
SUBMIT 15 times with notes
IMPORT mailchimp contacts


CREATE pdb in microsoft word
SIGN UP for casting about
SEARCH for workshops with new target list

DRAFT castability sheet


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