FRIDAY 11/16 for 11/30


SEND CD with one song to Nashville’s CD

PUT self on tape with hubby whispering with good pace

CALL 20 managers

SET up meeting with agent to Check in

FOLLOW up with Kazarian-Spencer (call office)

SEND PDB’s (PCs and Mail)


SEND photos to be retouched

POST photos on Actors Access and LA Casting

PREGAME Eric Souliere

FIND scene for Eric

POSTGAME Eric Souliere



CALL referral & Mgr after or on Tues

SEND Stuart Stone a Bold Thank You (include your contact info & Pic)

F/UP before you see us to connect dots with Stuart

CALL agent’s assistant to set meeting

FIND a dramatic/procedural scene for Scott David workshop

F/UP with phone call people

SET UP appointment with John

SPEND 2 hours on manager list


TAPE “deleted scene” of Julianne Moore’s character


MAKE a target list of agents (12-14) through IMDB

SEND agent opinion email with 8 agents

GTS 5 times



REACH OUT to Buckley and set a date

REPORT on comm agent headshots and manager meeting


SEND manager opinion email (the 9 you have now)

EXPAND manager list to 20 people

MAKE 3 practice phone calls

CALL 11 new ones for meeting (not for “representation”)


CALL Amy Musel for agency advice

RESEARCH Susan for an hour

PUT guest star on tape
PRINT castability sheet (for PDB coming up)
*REACH out to Megan
CREATE 2 lists for managers (opinion email = 8, 12 for calls)
SEND manager opinion email


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