WEDS PM 10/14

ADD 15 names to PDB – ask loop if you get stopped up
REVISE target list next step with casting director’s names
REVISE Breakdowns
BRING six moths goals

GTS 2 times*
POST white trash photo*
WRITE a daily personal win
MEDITATE 7 times
CAST Scene Partner
WRITE First Draft for now to bring in 2 weeks. 11/28

USE Timer
CREATE Two Breakdowns
COMPILE 10 Shows
NARROW DOWN headshots: Go to CVS and print out 4-5 pictures and bring them into the next salon on 11/28. Should be about 20 photos
ORDER postcards from with current headshot. BIG FACE BIG NAME.
READ every email from loop.
WORK on Career: Friday from 12-2 (make sure to send before and after email)

MAIL Letters
EMAIL Betty Thomas
SEND PDB, then add 10 names
WORKOUT tues, wed, fri @9am email loop
PREPARE for Manager meeting
PREPARE/HONOR Anniversary for Big Bang Celebration

SEND agent email to EVERYONE via Mailchimp (1st week)
INGEST emails into mailchimp – use mailchimp live chat if you get stumped
REPLY to everyone who Replies to you
SET up one sheet
SHARE funny video with loop
FIND two scenes to put on tape (1 english, 1 Spanish)
WRITE personal wins each day
SEND Postcards

USE Timer
SIGN UP for UCB and AUDIT Stand-up (LOOK at Leslie Wolf)
REVISE Target list
REVISE Breakdowns
LIST of 5 Headshot Photographers

PICK scene for tape (Look up VEGAS, Lena scene)
SIGN up for 2 VO audits
SPEND 3 hours on website

PDB 25 names (use timer)
ORDER Postcards
REVISE Target list to be CD
REVISE breakdowns


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