WED PM 11/7


SEND 3 letters to Casting Director

FOLLOW up email with APA

CALL Betty Thomas Production Company for email

ADD 10 names to PDB


POST for Scene Partner ****

MEDITATE 5 times this week

SUBMIT everyday with note

POST white trash photo

WRITE 4 pages

GTS 3 times


SET timer to do a specific focused work twice, 15 mins

WORK on PDB Pick 6 producers, directors or CDs and make labels for them

DO 2 breakdowns

MAKE list of 10 tv shows you would be right for


USE timer to complete all tasks

ADD 10 names to PDB

ORDER postcards

WRITE 2 breakdowns

BRING list of 10 target shows

SIGN up for comedy class


Draft a calendar

PICK 8 agencies with agent names

DRAFT agent opinion email

DRAFT 1 Sheet & reach out to McKenna

ADD commercial shoot names to PDB

FOLLOW up with Vanessa


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