WED AM 11/7

GILLIANCALL casting about
CHECK IN with the group Thursday and Monday
CALL Mark Measures TODAY
SUBMIT 7 times this week
GTS one of the projects
GET TWO time clips done

FIVE HOURS on car research
PRE-GAME Tuesday’s workshop
REHEARSE two hours for workshop
SUBMIT 15 times this week with notes
GTS 3 times
ORDER postcards
LOCK DOWN Crew for shoot
CHECK IN with Megan

ADD FIVE people from Texas to PDB
ADD Target list casting directors to PDB
SEND sample of postcard to the loop
ORDER postcards

ADD 10 names to PDB
CREATE a target list of ten TV shows
ORDER postcards
DRAFT two breakdowns
USE a timer on one of your tasks
SUBMIT every day with notes
GTS one of the projects

DROP OFF with agent on Thursday
SET UP two industry related coffee dates
SUBMIT 6 times a day
GTS 4 times this week
SOLIDIFY draft due date
PRE-GAME and POST-GAME Christy Baxter

SET UP a phone call session with Whitney
MAKE 15 phone calls
FOLLOW up with phone calls you’ve already made
-find a reason you’re a fan
"oh my gosh, I see that X has just done X and that is so awesome and I’m sure you had something to do with it"
I have done a lot of research and I have heard your name multiple times on how amazing you are as a manager and I would love to be part of that team"
Use the compliment as a tool to get advice. Goal is mtg. Representation is bonus. Seek advice first.
CHECK to make sure your audition was sent
PUT yourself on tape the day you see the audition and send
VISIT LW1 and bring them something that doesn’t make you cringe.

SEND mailchimp
MAKE six manager phone calls
REHEARSE scene for workshop
POST-GAME for workshop
CONTACT web series people to see footage
SUBMIT twice a day
GTS twice

GTS 3 times this week
DRAFT one sheet in pages
FIND address and SEND package to Nashville CD
PUT something on tape this week and send
DROP OFF at commercial office
CALL Julie at Arc Management today
FOLLOW up on your drop offs


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