Wed PM Salon 10/24 due 10/31

EVERYONE Reach out to the LOOP @ least once this week


GOOGLE 5 min meditation
* MEDITATE 3 times w/ YouTube, Thurs, Sat., & Sun. 7:30am
* SUBMIT everyday, w/note
WRITE a scene Monday
REPLY to any scene related correspondences


SET UP printer, 1:30PM, FRIDAY

COOK Twice this week
PHOTOGRAPH your work station, (BRING in next week, BULLET POINT five things that represent
completion of work station)


SPEND 2hrs on PDB, remove non-fans
SET UP meeting w/ Vox (THEME: I’m getting out of Witness Protection)


CALL David for Pechanga people info
ADD David & Michael from Pechanga to PDB
SIGN UP for Multi-Week workshops, 2, 3, or 4
DO 4 Cardio workouts
CREATE Target list of theatrical agents, no more than 10
OUTREACH to 1 Latin friend/organization


SIGN UP for one multi week workshop for Episodic casting
SETUP meeting w/ manager to talk about being on tape
PUBLISH website
AUDIT V/O class, (or take workshop if they won’t allow audit)
CONNECT w/ Alex & Jessica, go in to meet with them


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