WED AM 10/24 due 10/31

SEND revised mailchimp to the group
SEND mailchimp
*GTS 5 times this week
SET a shoot date
WRITE a list of all the things you wish you had done better
SEND commercial PDB
CHECK IN with Gillian

DROP BY agent, call first to ask, take regular every day photo SEND PDB
SEEK writing mentor for webisode
FIND a workshop with one of your targets
SCHEDULE meeting with writing partner
CHECK IN with Gillian

CALL 5 new managers
SEND stuff to the 15 managers you already called
LOOK everyone in the eye
PRACTICE two more interviews
CHECK IN with Gillian

EMAIL the loop on Thursday and Monday – let us know what you’ve done and what you will do. **CONTACT Mark Simon
CALL Julia to set up a meeting
FOLLOW-UP with first 10 calls
CALL the next 10 managers
CONTACT 3 theatre directors you’ve worked with who can refer you to a manager GO IN to see the agent who received your reel
PUT one audition on tape
CHECK IN with Gillian

BRING IN new CD target list
ADD Melissa Messer to PDB and postgame
EMAIL 8 friends with “landing pad” proposal
DO NOT change or eat in your car this week
FIND 5 places where you can park easily/hang out/eat/have wi-fi START a second draft of one sheet
CHECK IN with Gillian

CHECK in with the group thursday and monday
SET UP work date with Keesha
PUT all your clips in a paper bag (Ralph Lauren, something cute, etc) for 15 minutes


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