AAS FRIDAY 10/19, due 10/26

CALL Ian today 10/19
MAKE manager list of 30 managers
SEND mini opinion email to the loop with 8 ideas of managers SEND regular opinion email to the world with all managers
WRITE out 2 phone call pitches
PRACTICE 2 phone calls to managers
DO a PDB mailing with cute Halloween stickers

SEND Mailchimp newsletter
PRINT message labels for postcards
BRING IN revised breakdowns
REACH OUT to Megan

LOOK on ActNow and Actors’ Key for workshop scene
BRING IN to class three scenes for Brian Norris
DECIDE on third scene
FINISH castability sheet
SUBMIT on ActorsAccess, LACasting, and CAZT everyday
SIGN UP for Casting Frontier

SEND photos to retoucher
POST photos online
CELEBRATE Days booking

DO 4 Cardio workout
WRITE DOWN all food
COMPLETE round 2 of week 4 in Artist’s Way
FIND music (Funny or Die?) and FINISH clip
POST new reel
RE-EMAIL Britt and Jenn for DP
EMAIL Director to find DP
CALL Laura about setting up commercial agent meeting
PUT guest star role on tape
(SET date and partner today 10/19!)
LOOK on Showfax for scene

ORDER postcards
BOOK headshot photographer (3+ weeks out)
EMAIL Buckley to set up image consulting
DRAFT Mailchimp email
POSTGAME Kendra and Jeff’s office
PREGAME Danielle (via twitter?)
REACH OUT to Shauna with updates


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