Thursday 10/18 Notes

  • Make sure to BCC email addresses in your mass emails!
  • Confidence is sexy and confidence sells! -B Norris
  • You’re not asking for representation, you’re asking for a meeting!
  • Pitch yourself in a way that it speaks to the person (agent/manager) on the phone. “I’m doing workshops and they’re wanting me to be signed.” “It’s time for me to have representation.” (as opposed to “I’m seeking representation.”)
  • Practice, or record important phone calls before making them.
  • If there’s something you’re afraid to tell your manager, that’s exactly when you need to sit down and have a conversation, heart to heart, with them. Be honest!
  • Take actions to separate your product and your personal
  • When choosing a manager, pick the one you have that, “This is the one” feeling, like a relationship. Someone you dig, who digs you.
  • Are you acting everyday? Because somebody else is! Are you a pro or a hobbyist?

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