WED AM 10/17/12

KEESHA1st Touch FIND and SEND e-mails to all target managers
2nd Touch CALL and DO what they said to do
BRING IN the draft of the fax
DROP OFF with Chris at Wendy’s office
FOLLOW UP with Chris the next day
EMAIL BBA "I want to be sent out for print"
SEND BRANDY two breakdowns you think you’d be right for
REHEARSE three times this week

Check in with agent if he passed on the reel
Look up managers that work with Cornnor theatrical dept.
Call 20+ managers
Call theater cd’s
Contact Mark Simon @ CTG
Make List of theater directors you’ve worked with

MEDITATE (youtube) every day
EMAIL the group when you’ve meditated and share the link
CREATE package for drop offs
GOOGLE MAP all the managers
DROP OFF to 8 managers
CALL Christopher Parker and set up meeting
PICK UP police costume from Annie
SET UP coaching

RESEARCH address for remaining people on PDB
REACH out to three people asking to go to coffee (hunting and gathering)
DRAFT email to people you’re reaching out to, send to loop
COACH your dramatic scene
SIGN UP for a workshop on your target list
SEND Pre-Game draft to the loop

*CELEBRATE 30 day challenge
*SIGN UP for one on one with Killian
DRAFT Mailchimp
EMAIL actors access to add lemon lime
SUBMIT every day
CONTACT Megan re: dramatic scene
GTS three times

CALL three commercial CD offices (on tuesday)


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