FRI AM 10/12 TASKS DUE 10/19

BRING in printed 4×6’s (5 per look = 40)
SET a meeting with Allison
ACT for 2 one-hour sessions

SCHEDULE a mail chimp date with Samantha
DO 4 more cardio workouts
DO week 4 of artist’s way
PICK up CD from retoucher
CONTACT Sharon and
GET photos to new retoucher
PUT one guest star on tape (maybe with Sam)
PICK a test shoot date
PICK a new DP for movement video
CONTACT Brit & Jenn about getting DP

BRING in revised breakdowns
BRING in new target list (with another procedural)
DRAFT a mail chimp campaign
BRING in draft of new postcard (design on Vistaprint)
PREGAME upcoming workshops
Change up postcards in envelopes or not

REVISE breakdowns again
REVISE target list
DRAFT a mail chimp campaign
SCHEDULE a time to drop by agent

IMAGINE new 6 month goals (3-4 max)
CREATE wins list
SEND thank you cards
DO mailing with old postcards
ORDER new postcards
FIND a designer for thank-you cards
PREGAME upcoming workshops (or wait til next week)

*CREATE target list
*SIGN up workshops
*SIGN up at Act Now
POST reel online: Actors Access, IMDB (create vanity), Vimeo
SEND castability sheet with reel link to PDB: stick post it on outside "Hope to meet you! xx Britt"

MAKE vision board of Tina 10 years from now
PICK 3rd workshop scene
FINISH draft of castability sheet

*COORDINATE dropoffs for referrals
*CALL the day after
*SEND 1st touch email
SEND MS postcard to PDB
BRING in financial plan


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