WED P.M. Class


*RETOUCH photo

SUBMIT for 5 days, w/ note, short, sweet, don’t over think it
REACH OUT to Chelsea
– POST email Brian & Actors Salon, if Chelsea hasn’t responded by Friday – looking for
actress, age range, breakdown, shoot scene, please contact me
WRITE whole scene before going back & editing


COMPLETE breakdowns and send to loop
SPEND 5 hours organizing workspace
SUBMIT everyday on LA casting, AA, and CAZT, include a note


PUBLISH web site

CONTINUE 30 Day challenge w/ 7 things on tape
*SEND video to Manager
CHECKOUT website
ZONE IN on Mak’s Marketing
LOOK INTO Episodic Casting Director Workshosps


RE-WRITE Breakdown – Name, age range, adj, adj, adj, where they work, their attitude, what they want from
life & the reason they aren’t getting it. Think "so & so" (i.e. Enrique Iglesias) from "such & such" (tv show
or movie)
CREATE labels for PDB
SEND postcards
TARGET LIST pick specific people from shows, find through Casting About
ADD Target List people to PDB


WRITE/FIND 2 scenes – MegMosbro
*SEND letter
*BRING IN all VO material
CALL Actors Company about Demo
WORK OUT 4 times
SET UP Apple TV, figure out what’s best


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