CLASS 10/5 TASKS DUE 10/12

PUT in calander, week of Nov 5th, drop by agent office
BOOK OUT with agent at airport, coming and going
SEND new clip to Ian for a new cut

ADD 1-2 shows per look
FIND a special reward/treat(in fridge, or car) before my shoot
CREATE three 1 line mantras for each character
CELEBRATE amazing headshot shoot!
CREATE a play list per look
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ADD 10 names to PDB
IMPORT contacts into mailchimp
ADD 10 email address to mailchimp (industry peeps you have to find)
NARROW down target list to 5 people (look up offices associated with shows)
REVISE breakdowns
ADD 1 more breakdown

SEND REEL to be edited
CREATE list of target managers
SIGN UP for 2 workshops (see email from the loop with workshop places)
SIGN UP with Dufflyn, LJ or Hilary at Act Now and meet with them (tell her Samantha Stewart referred you)
DRAFT castability

MEET with Britt Grass and Jenn Cambra to work on castability sheets
SEND thank you email for audition
WRITE the Tina Bio 10 years from now
SUBMIT 3 days this week
WATCH one episode of every show on your target list

DO 4 cardio workouts
TRY "I like the idea that…." with your post it notes
FINISH week 3 of Artist’s Way
FOLLOW UP and POST photos to AA
PUT guest star audition on tape
GO TO AS facebook page and look through 20 mailchimps, make list of things you like and don’t like
BRAINSTORM ways to electronically sell yourself

EXPERIMENT with a timer
ADD 30 names to mPDB
IMPORT contacts onto
WRITE your breakdowns
CREATE a new target list of shows
BRING IN a chart of workshops you’ve taken and when you’ve taken them
FOLLOW UP/THANK/CALL Shuana about meeting
SEND THANK YOU to director of The Middle

FINISH marketting piece (meet with Britt and Tina)
CONTACT Michael Collins
FOLLOW UP on referrals from agent opinion email
COORDINATE drop offs for referrals
CALL the day after your drop off
DO the first first touch on calendar (send email)
WRITE message label for PDB


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