FIND other agents at BBR
DROP OFF to other commercial agents w/ Mark’s name on packet SET UP CAZT profile
SEND thank you to Mavrick
LOOK for any seal the deal workshop

EMAIL Drew and Derrick re deal memo
CALL India and/or meet with her
EMAIL Gil for sponsor forms
CONTACT House of Reps
NAIL DOWN location or reach out re location (take photos and send to Ian) SCHEDULE rehearsals and coaching
SEND thank yous to play people
SUBMIT everyday
CALL mum

RESPOND to every opinion response
CREATE shape of phone pitch
MAKE 5 practice calls
CALL all managers on list
RESEND headshot special
SET UP business gmail
MAKE one Etsy step
RESEARCH AND SIGN UP for one more workshop
CREATE policy email
THANK Craig Colvin

REHEARSE once for Scott David workshop
ORDER postcards
THANK film audition
CANCEL Jamie Castro workshop
SIGN UP for new workshop

**I want to be a sustainable asset in this industry!**
EDIT AND PREP meeting with Pete TODAY
IMAGINE how you want it to be shot with 3 SCENE SAMPLES
EMAIL Annie time schedule
REACH OUT to 5 potential partners

*CALL and TWEET robin at lemon lime
LOOK for workshop w Joe W
*UPDATE Ricky on coffee date
SEND card to Ricky
DRAFT manager referral request (for higher up ppl)
(your list is being created by referrals, not by random choices) CREATE manager referral list/chart
REHEARSE 3 times this week
WORK Mentalist scene in class
THANK maj film peeps
SEND Mailchimp


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