MAKE a list of 5 casting offices based on shows you want to target
USE a timer related to your PDB (4 different 15 minute sections)
MAKE first draft of two breakdowns
ORDER postcards

ONE touch to BBR with pic from set
CONTACT manager re: BBR meeting
SUBMIT for at least 5 paying jobs
CELEBRATE your shoot
POST on JRS and actor salon facebook pages about extras
EMAIL class about extras
STICK to 30 day challenge

REPORT on saving 1/3 of your earnings
PUT at least $10 in an acting envelope every shift
CALL Alyssa (spelling?) at KSR about setting up a meeting
SUCK IN rest of contacts to mailchimp (use facebook)
CREATE the Rachel Rud manager target list
WRITE two paragraphs of what you’re ideal manager is like (one paragraph on personal, one on logistic)

*EMAIL Rachel and Justin
CHECK-IN with theatre agent to see if he has passed on my reel
CREATE list of 10+ managers who encourage stage plus on screen
RESEARCH theatre actor’s managers
CALL theatre CDs about managers
SIGN UP for a multi week workshop
SIGN UP for a refresher workshop

CALL three casting directors (theatrical casting directors on the weekend) once a week for 2 weeks
SEND PDB mailing (including commercial CD’s) announcing new commercial agent
CREATE final manager target list
SEND manager opinion email

REACH OUT to ten people to cast for reel scene
DROP OFF to 4 managers
CALL the other 4 managers and do what they say
FINISH pre-production
SIGN UP for a half hour or an hour coaching


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