TUESDAY AM 10/2/12

ADD contact info to EPDB
FIND 2 targeted CD workshops
PREPARE 3 things/questions for each meeting
CREATE agent target list
FOLLOW up with agents who received my info already
NOTES for reel discussion

REVISE Castability Sheet (Bigger Pictures/ Breakdowns)
CREATE agent list from managers client list
CREATE phenomenal target agent list for ‘Sign On the Dotted Line’ (8-10) GATHER names/ info of every room you go in
INVESTIGATE your time management calendar
HOUND directors/ producers of projects for Reel footage
SEND out Postcards

BRAINSTORM ideas for film for 1 hour a day for 5 days.
INVISION perfect “writing group”
CONTACT Megan for reel info
FIND a scene for reel or pitch clip
REVISE target list to include film
WATCH tv shows from target list
FIND 2 target cd workshops

WRITE 3 breakdowns
WORK with timer

DO test shoot 3 different angels
CALL Jacob regarding Killian private coaching
SIGN up with Chris Game private or workshop
ADD custom link from actors access on website
CREATE target list for managers (6-7)
CALL 3 managers from showcases, DO what they say, CALL again. (ask for advice and be genuine.)

FINISH online profiles
IMPORT contacts into mailchimp
CREATE PDB of at least 50 names
DRAFT a new postcard for tuesday
BOOK a date for headshots

DRAFT an agent opinion email
IMPORT contacts into mailchimp
FOLLOW up with Kelsey
RE EDIT short film for 3 hours. USE timer
DON’T be creepy
SIGN up for a Scott David workshop


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