MON AM (10/1) TASKS DUE 10/8

SIGN UP for 6 one night workshops
SEND cards to Revenge producers — season 2
CONTINUE workout
SCHEDULE 2 writing sessions
COME UP WITH one tangible goal for each project

EMAIL Gill if I can use same people for deal memos
MAKE list of people to ask re: deal memo
TALK to manager re: sponsor
THANK Ross Lacy
GET directors information on IMDB

REGISTER for Rachel sutton casting (
CREATE new target list
SPEND 1 hour finding Hawaii offices
CALL commercial agents see if you can drop by
PURCHASE and read 30 pages of Save the cat
SET shoot date with Andre

START calendar TOUCH 1
SCHEDULE rehearsals
GATHER props and costumes
BUY 2 tickets for one person shows
WRITE one more accident story
TALK to Neely re: maker

DRAFT manager opinion email
ORDER postcards
PICK VO teacher/producer
LISTEN to VO demos for 30 mins

*WRITE new episode of web series
BRAINSTORM manager relationship next step
NEW DRAFT of mail chimp
PRINT 8x10s or find pro retoucher
SIGN UP for workshop (one single night and one multi week)

SEND bloody letter to Alexandra Fuller
BRAINSTORM ideas for two clips
SCHEDULE make up class for next week
BRING in all VO material
WORK OUT 5 times

DRAFT EPDB and send to group
WRITE cover letter
DROP OFF drop offs, then call (back up- email, then call the next day)
SCHEDULE meeting with new girl
ENVISION new 6 month goals

NOTES 10/1/12:

  • Even having an audition is a "win"!! Being one of the few hundred chosen to be seen is winning! Own it!
  • Be open to workshops with associates…they do have pull
  • The offices aren’t the job givers, they are the gate keepers
  • "We’re talking about our career in the long run. Let’s step it up and make these people active players in our lives!"
  • Sometimes we need to "work smarter, not harder."

Hugs and high fives!


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