EMAIL Rachel and Justin
RE-EDIT reel for Conner A.
CHECK IN with agent on Tuesday
CREATE manager target list of 8 (w/ runners-up-list)
BRING in CD target list (new/old?)
WRITE one to two paragraphs of what you imagine your career looking like (your bio in 10 years)

POST on JRS community board about male part
EMAIL six people about the part
FINALIZE crew and extras for the 6th
EMAIL Annie and Margot
CALL Brian P about location scouting
TAPE and send comedic scene to BBR
PUT yourself on tape 7 times
DO one relaxing thing

RACHEL (Rudneck)
DROP OFF at KSR (include “congrats” note)
PRACTICE weekly budget for food with cash
COME UP with budget for headshots and schedule meeting with agent CROP one of your theatrical shots and upload somewhere free (i.e. CAZT) ACT with sides from showfax every day this week
SIGN up for workshop
CELEBRATE finishing two SOTDL calendars

PRE-GAME Paul Webber, Lisa Ystrom, Bruce Newburg
SUBMIT every day
CALL AGENT and pick three commercial offices and do drop off (goodies) ADD SAG-E to all your info
E-MAIL Sharon for V.O. commercial class recommendations


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