CREATE career bank account jar ($100 month)
EMAIL LA Casting/AA profiles to group (have 3 questions for each profile)
EMAIL Julie asking if she wants to pay 1/2 of great scene
WRITE a scene for your short
SUBMIT every day on Actors Access (note section: headlines in first 40 characters)

EMAIL "The Dudes" for cop role
FIND Jeff Goldblum
NAIL down the office/location for shoot
EMAIL Lynne script for opinion
DECIDE what questions you want answered for script

EMAIL friend (re agent opinion) with headshot and resume
CALL agents
– "Hi this is Chelsea may I speak with ______, Hi________ I’m an actor here’s a fabulous fact about me, I’m seeking commercial representation and I was wanting to set up a meeting with _______, what is the best way to do that?"
– Name drop chris game, or francene selkerk if necessary
– Write down all the names of the people you talk to, especially receptionist and assistant
DO WHAT THEY SAY- they being whoever you talked to on the phone
CALL agents for the second time
– "Hi ____________ I spoke with you two days ago and sent you my matierial like you asked. I’d love to hear what you think and know what the next step should be."
SEND pdb mailing
IMAGINE new 6th month goals
SUBMIT everyday on actors access and LA casting
LOOK into Killian Agent showcase
GET ON bosses’ ass

Week of: Educate yourself on what you can do/want to do for supplemental income!
THANK YOU to Suburgatory writer
MAKE appt with realtor
CREATE rate sheet for design idea (one sheets, one page ad, original marketing, every two months for actors)
BRAINSTORM a branding sheet for yourself, what you could offer
* check out / / for design ideas
EMAIL Sharon to get list of demo people to take class with
READ the pilots
CHOOSE a scene you could put on tape

Notes: Goals should be thrilling, fulfilling and resonant, something we can measure and be accountable for. Not "should – have to’s"


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