TASKS for 9/26

AnnaSEND Thank You & Scene Notes to Lindsay
CREATE calendar reminder to sign up for CAZT by Halloween
SEND manager commercial clips
PUT yourself on tape 7 times
DO one relaxing thing, at least!

**SEND PDB Mailing
SEND Mailchimp Email
DROP OFF at agency with referral
DO 6 rehearsals for video project

ACT Showfax sides for 45 minutes every day this week
MAKE DECISION about acting class
FOLLOW-UP with Henry
SEND fax to SOTDL calendar: picture, name, clear call to action, win
FINISH pre-production on reel scene

GO workshop-wild this week!
SUBMIT every day
GTS at least 3 projects
SPEND time perusing www.voiceoverresourceguide.com
EMAIL Sharon for Vio Commercial class recommendations
GO to VoiceBank.net and listen to reels for 30 minutes
DROP for with Shauna and ask what offices she’s have trouble getting me into


Follow-up with KSR Agent link headshot / resume w. (1) link
(notes congratulate her, remind her how you know her )
Report on meal plan
Figure out assistant email address @ DPM
Act Showfax sides 45 minutes every day this week


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