TASKS Weds 9.5.12

AnnaACT 4 times
SET shoot date for reel scene
NAIL down DP
CREATE a new target list of 5 offices
GET draft of script from Lindsay
CREATE a target list of 8 commercial agents (check: LemonLime)

CHOOSE two dramatic scenes to shoot (perhaps a woman catching her husband cheating)
SEND Mailchimp with comedy reel
WORKOUT 3 times
PREGAME & POSTGAME Jamie and Marnie
ASK Mandy Sherman to coffee
MAIL PDB mailing

*SIGN UP for workshop, possibly two
CREATIVE touch on SOTDL calendar (“playing card” one sheet, two sides of Rachel Rud)
TWO TOUCHES with Commercial Agent
ASK for Commercial Agent’s email
SET UP Google Alerts for Commercial Agent/Agency
LOOK at finances (how much money have I burned in the last three months)

NAIL down shoot date (EMAIL Verne)
ASK Henry Thomas to be in your scene
EMAIL Anna for pictures of her kitchen
SEND one-sheet to SOTDL (work with Rachel)
SIGN UP for a workshop with Dean Fronk or Ricki Masler
SUBMIT everyday


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