Monday Tasks 9/10

CALL Johnny Webster
REHEARSE with Pat at least twice
WRITE one accident story

MAKE calendar
REWARD for calendar
CREATE target list
REWARD for target list
SEND writing sample
REWARD for writing sample

REHEARSE reel scene
SIGN up casting frontier
EMAIL agents to tell them casting frontier stuff up
CREATE new 6 month goals
SEND postcards
SEND post game

SEND manager opinion
POST game terry berland
PRE game workshop
SEND pdb
CONTACT people about shoot
SHOOT first half of character reel

REVISE breakdowns (typed)
CREATE physical goal
CREATE Manager target list (10 managers)
EMAIL everyone you know about target list
WORKOUT 5 times and email group
EMAIL Sharon for VO list
PICK class

TAPE two broke girls
CREATE physical goal
SCHEDULE photo shoot
GYM three times
SAY yes ten times
BRING checkbook to class


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