EMAIL castability sheet
START new creative marketing tool
ACT 6 hours this week
SEND PDB mailing
ADD showcase agents to next 6 touches

RESEARCH professional organizer companies
APPLY for 5 jobs this week
POST on facebook (looking for specific job: researcher, organizer, script coverage) POST on alumni page
SET shoot timeline with Emily (shoot by the end of Sept)
BRAINSTORM 5 films for scene for reel

SEND pitch clip to managers (Here’s something I put on tape/auditioned for recently, and I would love for you see a sample of my working playing…) SEND Email to Aimee on Wednesday morning
SEND Danielle email Monday (As you suggested, I reached out to these agents but have had trouble opening the doors. I think a call or email from you explaining the situation would be the push I need.) EMAIL agents and Danielle new pictures
BRING IN 25 4×6 headshots
SEND Mailchimp

TALK to manager about reels and clips
PREP clips
WEEK 1 artists way
AUDIT class
LOOK into maple leaf therapy place

ENLIST Rick Pagano and others to call Johnny Webster same day of meeting CREATE sellability list and other materials for meeting
BRING in list of industry fans

WORKOUT 5 times this week
CREATE commercial reel
SHARE reel with ALL SOTDL agents and showcase agents
COORDINATE drop off with Max for Wed/Thurs
GET Max to hand in the package (my friend Amanda is downstairs she’s really great do you have time to meet with her etc) SCHEDULE coaching with Norris
PHOTOGRAPHERS (brad carter, click west, maya shoots, david muller, vonnie photographer, stephanie milan) SCHEDULE headshots

HEADSHOTS to be printed*
UPLOAD 2 pictures on LA Casting
REACH out to Ian Alda
POST on JRS community board re: film camera man
REACH out to Lindsay’s camera guy
SEND agent opinion email to 100 people (send in gmail FUCK MAILCHIMP) EMAIL mark


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