MAKE target list of 4 film casting directors
WRITE for 4.5 hours
REVISE character breakdowns

IMPORT contacts into mail chimp
SEND agent opinion email
ADD laura to my PDB
SEND the fax
DO drop-offs
REACH out two times to the loop

CONTACT David Muller for shoot
CONTACT Buckley Sampson
CONTACT Meagan to write a scene for your reel
DECIDE your sabateur’s name
DO one messy thing a day (don’t be thorough)
START PDB on mailchimp
WRITE for 2 hours
SPEND one hour creating more emails for PDB

WRITE a scary list
CONNECT with your voice this week
ASK yourself questions so your positive self can answer
FINISH Chapter 1 of book, with writing exercises (4 hours)
RESEARCH housing/move budget
CALL agents on calendar and then
DO what they say

*What do we want, and what is in our way?

*PRE-GAME – Write intro cover letter to that person with photo on page: I’m going to meet you at ___, at this time. One career update. Look forward to seeing you. Resume on back of that. Post cards to everyone else in their office: I look forward to meeting your colleague at ___, on ____. One career update. (CD, Associates, Assistants)

*We won’t change our situation until we change our situation

* Brian Jordan Alvarez – good for 1 shot/look
*David Muller

* Be WILLING to fail! Steve Jobs was fired from APPLE! Donald Trump

*GTS Chapman


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