Weds Morning 8/22 NOTES

Shift in Resume Trends: less interested in special skills than they used to be. Some agencies are saying to get rid of them!

Make sure that your Personal Touch on MailChimp is something that is very unique about YOU. not “can’t wait to see the Bourne Legacy this weekend”

Always have prototypes in your breakdowns.

PostGame: Handwritten on a Postcard. They get your picture, but then have the personal touch.

Eric Souliere – headshots get scanned into his database, and he looks through them like a breakdown. Costars are a ‘walking prop.’ Just look the part right away.

Like India, in your drop off packages, you can have: Back of a postcard: “fans of me” and “I have the essence of…” and have a breakdown.

West Hollywood library on San Vicente, across from the Pacific Design Center.


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