FRI AM Tasks due 8/24/12

*TALK to John
CANCEL workshop on Tuesday
CONTACT money man
SIGN UP for Scott David workshop
POSTGAME Scott David
PLAN awesome birthday!
HAVE an amazing meeting!
SEND email right after meeting
SEND thank you card

EMAIL one person call to the universe
DECIDE about manager showcase by Saturday
CREATE target list of 8 commercial agents (check IMDB, Backstage forums, friends) DRAFT agent opinion email
IMPORT contacts into MailChimp
TAKE headshots to be printed

*EMAIL group bio and see what they think
GET ON JRS community page
WRITE a generic cover letter
CREATE a job one-sheet
VISIT commercial agent
MAIL pdb
FIND 3 transformative events

POSTGAME commercial agent showcase
DRAFT mailchimp
GET retouched headshot files
ORDER headshots
EMAIL pictures to salon and Brian (what am I missing?) with breakdowns SET UP one-on-one with Chris to shoot commercial pitch clip
FIND new personal trainer
WORKOUT four times

SEND thank you to Aimee (email and card)
SEND draft of email enlisting Aimee’s help to salon
SEND castability sheet
FIND scene to put on tape
FILM scene and send to SOTDL peeps
POSTGAME Christine Dooley and Johnny Webster

LOOK INTO Alexander technique instructor
ACQUIRE “The Artist’s Way”
RESEARCH fun acting class for next month
BRING Photos to agent and manager
ORDER postcards


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