WED AM 8.15.12

GREGCOMPARE amazing mail and vistaprint
IMPORT contacts to mailchimp
EMAIL Kat Kelly for agent opinion email sample
SEND agent opinion e-mail
SIGN UP for a workshop
WATCH meditation video and call emily
CHOOSE scene for christine ciroalo workshop
SEND writing sample to nicholas

ONE TOUCH of SOTDL calendar
SEND PDB mailing
POST scene to websites
GET a minute long edit of your scene
DROP OFF to goodwill
DO morning pages (check out
EXERCISE twice this week (yoga and run)

WORK on scene for Mike Page workshop
SIGN UP for a workshop
BRIBE Vern, set a date
ASK Horror House if clip is ready
DROP OFF pics with agent

SET date to shoot Treasures
DROP OFF monday, email group when done
CELEBRATE drop offs
REHEARSE for Eric Souliere workshop

SIGN UP for a workshop
ORGANIZE gmail contacts for an hour
SUCK contacts into mail chimp
EMAIL the group about editors for short film
RE-EDIT and POST reel
POST headshots (when possible)


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