SHARE rough cut of scene with the group
EMAIL tim and coordinate dropping by
BRAINSTORM for an hour on web series 🙂
SPEND 2 hours to investigate researcher jobs

DROP OFF to agents (referred by on outside of envelope)
EMAIL Danielle (did my drop offs, what is the next step, can she follow up with three agents) FOLLOW UP with Antonia about pitch letter
TALK with John about movie and manager
MAP OUT drop offs
DROP OFF to managers
SET UP reward system
REACH OUT to group with drop off schedule/map and reward system

DRAFT mail chimp
SPEND 2 hours on PDB (use a timer in 30 min increments)
CREATE a list of sell-a-bility points (how you’re going to answer the age question) PRACTICE age conversation twice with someone
CALL assistant to voice over agent to arrange a drop by
WORKOUT 3 times
BRING IN breakdowns

CONTACT Ian to see if he can film the commercials as well
CONTACT Chris to see if he can shoot commercials this weekend
SEND vimeo link of commercials to agents and a postcard as well with the link on it GET in touch with stand up friends and go to an open mike night WORKOUT 3 times outside of personal trainer

SCHEDULE pitch clip coaching/shooting with John for next week WATCH Jackie Ganz Ides of March clip (
SECOND email to managers (ted told me to reach out to you to make sure I don’t get lost in the shuffle) SPEND an hour writing down saboteur (can divide into 30 min increments) CREATE a sell-a-bility list
FIND a guide in meditation online….practice 3 times (give group one sentence updates on each time)

BRING 25-30 4’6” of headshots (send Buckley same choices)
WRITE quirky comedy breakdown
1 rehearsal for showcase and workshop scene before next salon PREGAME johnny and lindsey
SUBMIT every day on la casting and actors access with notes
SEND call out to the universe email to 1 person 🙂

SEND manager agent list at appropriate moment
EMAIL group at 1030 getting off computer
COLLECT materials for reel meeting with Matt and make sure he has order and time stamps by end of meeting SECURE date for rough cut
CHECK OUT 3 locations for martial arts shoot
NAIL down shoot date
BRING IN 25-30 4’6” headshots


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