FRI AM TASKS 8/10/12

VIRGINIA (is Fantastic!!!!)
BRING in 4×6’s 25-30 headshots
WRITE your morning pages every day (3 pages)
ARIST DATE (museum, botanical garden, walking on the beach, knowing that I’m going to eat something at the end of the walk, sit on beach, hiking to waterfall, farmers market, making a meal for you or other people, secret ritual?) CREATE and SHARE a mantra and say it over and over
SPEND 2 hours on your script for acting class
TALK to Virginia from 2 years ago

EMAIL one person with a call to universe of what you’re doing CREATE pre and post game template
PRINT color copy SEND pre-game to Johnny
REVISE resume
CONTACT retoucher about headshots

TALK John about how you are focused on class but you can’t function late at night. Will give full attention to beginning of class. DO not add another workshop for the month of August.
KEEP Tuesday clear.
SCHEDULE makeup.
WRITE an hour about your sabatour. Have a conversation. What do you want? Why are you here? Develop a dialog. CONTACT the money man
SEND Tina your resume
SEND new email to Annie
SHARE scene with group
EMAIL links and bio to website designer
EMAIL group bio to see what they think
CONTACT Emily Berry and pitch short idea
CHECK everyday for research job postings
CONTACT Gabby Rosenfeld about job ASAP!! **
DESIGN a one-sheet letter of intention of what kind of job you’re looking for


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