WEDS MORN 7.25 Tasks!

CALL Brandy to re-set commercial meeting
CREATE a sellability sheet: the facts (look, training, CD’s that know me, things I’ve booked) and special skills. SEND sell ability sheet to the group with a few questions
ADD NCIS and take Dexter off your target list
DO your drop-off’s for Book a Job checklist
CHOOSE sides from Showfax for pitch clip
RETOUCH headshots and print them

CALL Receptionists for follow ups & thanks for those on SOTDL calendar.
CALL Laura and ask her to email/call on day of the Pakula/King drop off and DROP OFF with her referral.
EMAIL Hayley and Victor thanking them for the meeting – same something specific then f/up with a CALL the next day. Remind them that you are SAG-AFTRA eligible and willing to pay in. SEND fax saying “I’m shooting an awesome short, etc.”
REHEARSE 3 times. Once with a coach (maybe David)

EMAIL the group by 9:30 and announce schedule and what you are going to do REVISE breakdowns
NARROW down Target offices to 6
GET show pictures from theatre company — pick 1 still where you are very visible. SIGN up for a multi-week workshop for one of your 6 targets. CREATE workout goal: body-fat percentage?
SEND PDB mailing and INCLUDE commercial CD’s
ACT for 10 hours

*REVISE breakdowns
ACT for 10 – 15 hours
SCHEDULE Act Now consultation
BRAINSTORM 4 dream clips
DO 1st PDB mailing
SUBMIT every day on Actor’s Access
PICK the number 1 person you want to share your pitch clips and headshots with.

SIGN up for Mike Page
SEND PDB Mailing
REHEARSE twice with a 3rd eye for Rachel’s scene
WRITE breakdowns for 2 headshot types – one commercial (young Latin mom) & one theatrical TOUCH base with photographer regarding make-up
SUBMIT every day on Actor’s Access


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