REHEARSE with Danny
CONFIRM extras
EMAIL Brian about having girls in your video
CONTACT Brian Jordan Alvarez
CONTACT John Palladino and start process
WRITE and PRINT PDB message

EMAIL your agent and gently explain your still using Dana
RESEARCH agents on IMDb that work with Luber Roklin
CALL and EMAIL Danielle to “take her up on her generous offer” MAIL PDB
SEND manager opinion email
TAKE 1st step on manager SOTDL calendar

SCHEDULE a coaching for your scene
EMAIL Ian to make sure he knows it’s for your reel
NAIL DOWN wardrobe/props for scene
REHEARSE for class 2 times
BRAINSTORM new 6 month goals

FIND 2 peices of commercial copy to put on tape
CASTABILITY sheet and share with group (BIG NEWS)
EMAIL guy and say I need help with opening the door at Osbrink, show him what you’ve already done LOOK for a commercial agent showcase around town thats at least 3 weeks away

SEND very specific e-mail to TED
CALL Porsha follow up on Voice Over ( Hi my name is SAMANTHA STEWART, BRIAN NORRIS referred me to PORSHA to set up a meeting) (I did e-mail but I want to make sure that I dont get caught up in the shuffle, is there a voice mail box I can be transfered to) E-MAIL Brian on Wednesday to follow up on the call to PORSHA LOOK for Workshops with people from the office of your TARGET LIST
LOOK at SHOWFAX and find a show that you can put on tape, and submit AUDITION to the group. DROP by DEAN’S office

DROP OFF to the rest of managers
SEND mailchimp with invite to show to everyone on ePDB
WRITE your monolouge for the showcase
SPEND an hour with a sellabillity list

EMAIL Buckley with wardrobe options by end of weekend
DO cardio 3X
EMAIL Oscar your headshot (tell him about manager, ask if he wants a hardcopy, send him attachment of headshot) EMAIL your manager enlisting him about negotiating publicist pricing BRING IN PDB mailing labels


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