WEDS 7.18 Morning


UPDATE breakdowns: go younger, small town, perhaps dark.

BUY shirt for shoot

SUBMIT every day on Actors Access

ACT for eight hours

SCHEDULE consultations at 2 acting workshop places (Act Now, Actors Key, etc)


*SEND postcard

*UPLOAD videos from iMovie to Vimeo

GET the American clip for voiceover reel

SEND a v/o Agent Opinion email with 6 v/o agencies


PITCH sell-ability sheet to 5 people/ PREP for RPM Meeting

REHEARSE 3-4 times for scene

FOLLOW-UP with Laura

SOTDL calendar weekly task: “Do What They Say”


SEND target list to Dufflyn

LOOK for a 1 day Mike Page workshop, sign up if possible!

SEND PDB Mailing

REHEARSE 3-4 times for scene

LOOK into Jack Plotnik’s class

DO a yoga class and a Bootcamp


SUBMIT for 10 paying jobs: $100 and over.

LET the group know TWICE when you have the discipline to NOT submit for non-paying roles! Celebrate 🙂

ORDER postcards: just pick a photo

SEND PDB mailing with old postcards

CALL Whitney for help editing online profiles


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