Monday AM Tasks 7/16

POST pitch clip to Vimeo, share with group and have the MOST fun MAKE SOTDL calls with a friend
CREATE celebration list
GO on an artist date

CALL manager “not dropping the ball, I’ve called 3 times…” RESCHEDULE shoot and Buckley meeting
SEND manager pitch clip
CALL managers on SOTDL calendar

DROP OFF to managers – show invitation “this Sunday”
CREATE mail chimp with invitation to show “last chance”
SEND mail chimp to everyone on PDB

SCHEDULE haircut and massage on the same day
SET UP workspace
SEND PDB mailing and post game

2 WEEKS EXPERIMENT – $0.25 for every self deprecating statement goes to ProLife Organization *next week if you stopped doing it, automatic $10! CALL accountant
MAKE OFFERS for actors and DP for short films
RESEARCH contact for Richard Hatch
CHECK IN with group at least once

BRAINSTORM idea for short film with Kendall
WARDROBE for photo shoot and BREATHE and ENJOY!
CONFIRM date and actors for reel shoot
SIGN UP for workshop
PREGAME Becky Silverman
POSTGAME Angela Scaletta and Tim Payne

BRING re-edited breakdowns
ONE MORE EFFORT for PDB addresses
CORRECT target list with new targets
SIGN UP for multi week workshop with a target
IMPORT contacts to mail chimp

* CREATE SOTDL calendar
BRAINSTORM dream negotiation
* SEND agent opinion email
WORK OUT 3 times
POSTGAME Danielle Eskinazi

CHOOSE shoot date – give gratitude and a deadline
PREGAME workshop
SEND postcards to PDB
DROP OFF to SOTDL (google map) – make packages Monday night and put in car. Drop off as you are close to offices throughout the week MEET Mayfield for coffee
CONTACT AQUA “I don’t wanna drop the ball”


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