WED AM TASKS 7-11-12

CONTACT Peak to talk about boosting work
BRING IN 40 4 by 6’s from your test shoot
CREATE 15 pages of fashion branding portfolio
DO NOT call Brian Jordan Alvarez until we look at your photos CONTACT Rick’s accountant
REHEARSE three times a week for rehearsal

ORDER postcards from Rena, including new layout. 100 blank and X w/ message UPLOAD three more vimeo videos and send all ten to group
SEND Voice over reel to six agents (send to group first)
PUT the YES on the german film (jobs, agent, etc)
SEND “I need money” email to manager with a due date
CELEBRATE german film at the beach

CREATE book a job check list
CREATE book a job target list
CREATE book a job google map
CALL Brandy on friday
BRING IN 40 4by6’s of your new photos

SIGN-UP for Killian’s Class
STOP-BY and ask LW1 If they submit union and non-union (bring in lunch, but ask first about when) MAIL PDB and include commercial cds
DO one comfort zone pushing activity
BOOK with Bridge
CONTACT Buckley Samson to set up meeting

BRING in printed PDB labels
ORDER 50 post cards
CREATE new target list of CD’s
BRING IN printed breakdowns

CONTACT Susan re: meeting
CONTACT production company for screenshot
CONTACT director today (wednesday)
CHOOSE an editor and a shoot date
SEND blast about website and put on facebook
TWEET your dudes
CREATE new six month goals!!!

ORDER 250 oversized postcards
CONTACT Buckley Samson about casual granddad look
BOOK casual granddad shoot
SEND five more post-games
CONTACT Adrienne to start editing clip
CONTACT Geico people for a copy of clip

ASK Laura for referral with “new referral”
CREATE a sell-ability sheet
WRITE DOWN five questions you want to ask RPM
DO SOTDL calls
SEND PDB mailing

EMAIL Lowell (offer a date)
DRAFT next scene
SHARE mailchimp e-mail next week
CREATE a target list of eight commercial agents
SEND PDB-mailing


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