CREATE postcard message label
ONE sheet
POST first clip
TOUCH base with 6 industry people
REACH out to commercial agent 4 times this month

SET UP meeting with Susan
CONTACT production company for screen shot
CHOOSE an editor and a shoot date
SPEND 2 hours researching website
REHEARSE 4 times this week

POST clip with actors access
EMAIL agent with update
EMAIL dean fronk or DROP BY
CANCEL david lawrence look for new workshop

OFFER 3 people the brother role in your scene
NAIL DOWN location
(POST on JRS community board)
REHEARSE 4 times
MAIL pdb

CREATE mailing PDB of 5 names
CREATE LA casting profile and CAZT profile
SHARE electronic profiles with group asking for edits
BRING in 10 different headshots print 4’6” at CVS
SEND links of your footage to the group with specific email asking for opinions
CHANGE name listed on youtube videos (such as Danny Rubensings)
CHECK in with group once this week
REHEARSE 4 times this week

SIGN UP for a class where you can bring auditions in
ADD casting directors to pdb from on tape auditions
CONTACT manager for publicist (set up appointment)
CONTACT manager to find out the rules on what you’re allowed to say
SCHEDULE headshot shoot and find makeup artist
SEND PDB with casey anthony message

CALL Manager
SEND email to new commercial agents (in subject line, write your referral’s name)
POST pitch clip and share with group
SEND manager pitch clip
BRAINSTORM two new creative touches for calendar (Brave? something related to JBD?)
SCHEDULE headshot session
SCHEDULE meeting with Buckley Sampson

FOLLOW up with friend to make sure referral happened
CALL agency make sure not dropping the ball
TOUCH 6 agents
FIND workshop with meredith f
COMPLETE maverick pre game: send postcards to all other agents today (fax on monday)

DRAFT email to managers and send to group and then send the email (includes invitation “how to get tickets”)
SEND same email to 15 other target people
CALL targets to invite to show (2 days after emailing)
SEND mail chimp (without managers and 15 other targets)


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