TAMARACHECK that Dean Fronk and Ricki Maslar are on PDB
CREATE and MAIL packets to theatre by August 15th
SORT out which clips are possibilities for reel and which clips can stand alone and both
GET the clips to editor by August 1st
ADD new targets to PDB

DECIDE if Ian’s apartment is the location
*SCHEDULE coffee with Laura
SEND specific agent e-mails
CALL Joe Vance, get the e-mail
CREATE packets for drop off (Cover letter, headshot, resume)
GOOGLE MAP all of the agencies
SEND fax

UPLOAD eight auditions to vimeo and send to group
WORK OUT five times (weight lifting)
WRITE morning pages every day after the gym
CREATE a workout "keeping track" calendar
ORDER 100 postcards with blank back
ORDER X number of postcards with message

CALL photographer to schedule shoot in July
ORDER post cards
GO to two Barry’s Bootcamps
ACT for eight hours this week
REVISE target list and send to Dufflyn
SEND pitch clips to appropriate CD’s on my target list

UPDATE IMDb with commercial representation (LW1)
SIGN UP for private coaching with Killian
REACH OUT to LW1 3x this week, at least one in person
GET receptionist’s name at LW1
FIND OUT if they submit me for union and non-union
CONTACT Kiera for paperwork
SEND book out dates for show
SUBMIT on LA Casting for commercials every day this week
MAIL postcard to commercial CDs
DO one comfort zone pushing activity

SIGN UP for one seal the deal workshop
BRING IN eight photos that are casual granddad
SEND five post-games to five more workshops
TALK to Shauna, get pictures posted
FIND an editor, start that process

MOVE five times a week for 15 minutes
NARROW DOWN headshots by July 20th
SEND off pics for re-touching by July 27th
POST by august 1st
CREATE music play list for headshot shoot
CHOOSE clips I like
PRINT post card message label on 7-17
ADD 10 contacts to PDB
PRINT mailing labels on 7-19


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