CREATE a 4th and 5th commercial type that includes one about being fit and one where you look tough but actually a big teddy bear
SEND out agent opinion email for commercial agent to WHOLE WORLD (send out a draft FIRST)
CONTACT Midwest to see if they want to represent you commercially but do not sign (say your taking other meetings)
SCHEDULE a makeup with actorsalon and put all photos in a folder on your laptop and bring laptop to makeup
PUT YOURSELF on tape with someone else on iPad
DOWNLOAD vimeo app and suck in the video directly to vimeo
SEND LINK to group

EMAIL demo reel peeps if you haven’t heard from them by 2pm June 28
SIGN up for VO class
SHARE new reel with group with 3 questions
FIND 3 headshot photogs you llike

ADD names of commercial agents that you targeted to PDB and EPDB
SEND agent opinion email (8 agents)

MAKE one last call to KSR (“Hello, I’ve been in contact with _____”)
RUN 4 miles 3 times
CREATE SOTDL calendar (make first one either email or drop off – fax should be before drop off)
FIND OUT if target list has a print department
BRING in hard copy list of your target list (include if they have print department)

PAY for Chris Game
SEND FAX and EMAIL again about your show
SEND email to Rebecca sealing the deal to your show (just confirming that your getting two comp tickets for saturday nights show. let me know if you need more tickets. Here are the details to the show…. hint about parking…. hint about drinks next door)
SEND email to Sarah (girl who is busy but might come) (I’m checking in to see if your schedule will allow you to make it this week… Here are details…. Audiences are responding very well…. Feel free to grab a drink before…..)
EMAIL and CALL 5 new managers to invite to the show
EDIT snippet of tape from your one woman show (for next week)

SCHEDULE a makeup
SEND thank you postcards to producers
SET UP meeting with Susan

WRITE for two 30 min periods on your webisode
WATCH shorts on cruise
SEND PDB (following week)
TRY TO GET screen shot from production of you and MIB


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