WED AM Tasks 6-13-12

CHECK IN with group at least once
DROPOFF at LW1 – walk in: “hi, I’m hoping to meet with … & Jan Bina referred me,” write her name on envelope (by Friday) GET rough cut of scene for reel
PRACTICE for 3 hours every day for show
PLAN a group outing with the cast

CHECK IN with group at least once
SEND re-write notes to newsletter editor
SEND newsletter
CONTACT Jamie again AND person who has the material
CONTACT Stage 9 re: Reel. Ask them how they pitch
DREAM on new six month goals

CHECK IN with group at least once
COMPLETE the ant exercise
TAKE and SEND test shots of the business and zen looks
BOOK a date for the headshot shoot.
CONFIRM make-up artist
GO to a yoga class this week
GSM at least 5 times
SELECT clips.
PRINT message for PDB mailing
PRINT Labels for PDB mailing
SEND PDB mailing

CHECK IN with group at least once
WORK OUT three times this week: one class, 2 runs
RESEARCH and report on a 10k three to six months from now
WRITE first draft of letter to dream big person from NU
REACH OUT to one of the actors from acting class from NU
ADD CESD and KSR to agent target list.
SEND agent opinion e-mail.
CREATE theatrical agent SOTDL calendar.
CHECK IN with Ian

CHECK IN with group at least once
CREATE your casting about PDB
ADD 15+ names to PDB (not casting directors) also include lead producers from the target list CONTACT Rina to ORDER postcards
WRITE your breakdowns
ADD two procedurals to your target list and revise the rest of the list (delete True Blood) MEDITATION PRACTICE before all 6 auditions this week

CHECK IN with group at least once
CELEBRATE shooting two films.
*SHOOT pitch clip next tuesday
ENJOY your diet this week
BANK twenty bucks for workshops
CONTACT Skip to direct my pitch clip.
FIND a third eye to look at your pitch clip scene.

CHECK IN with group at least once
SEND 5 post games to your 5 most recent work shops.
PRINT and GO OVER your headshots with Shauna (spelling?)
SIGN UP for two seal the deal workshops
POST GAME and PRE-GAME Bluestein office
SEND post-card mailing
TAKE VACATION from LA Casting and Actors Access

CHECK IN with group at least once
*SEND agent opinion email (with gratitude)
REVISE CD target list
CREATE SOTDL calendar for agents (touch every 4 business days) SIGN UP for commercial voice over workshop
SEND PDB mailing


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