TASKS/NOTES Wednesday AM May 23



DROP OFF packets to your targets (packets can be whatever makes you excited, but must include: use their assistants name,
headshot, cover letter, resume, reel; Green card idea, do you have a minute and thirty seconds?, etc.)
SEND fax to all offices (word for word what you sent in your email, but give them an easier link to handle, bit.ly)
POSTGAME Ani Avetyan and Bruce Newberg
RECORD on Calendar the tasks you’ve taken
EMAIL STI (must be sent by Friday)
SET-UP lunch date with Commercial Agent


EDIT with Ian Thursday?
SCHEDULE next shoot with the DP
LOCK DOWN script, SEND to DP,
SEND 4 Ani Agent emails
WORKSHOP schedule one
SEND Sheila a card
DROP off Ani agent hardcopies


ONE dangerous thing this week /go in, I want to up the ante:
SCHEDULE Groundlings audition
SEND email to Megan Foley/ link to actors access
CREATE a one sheet or castability
SEND them all an email to three additional targets
MEET with director to rehearse and stage
MAKE a prop/set list
SCHEDULE a coaching
SEE my doctor for my calf/ if Doctor says it’s nothing, do Cross Fit (Brick) Free


COACH audition for England
ORDER postcards
SEND selected PDB mailing
SPEND two hours writing down sell-a-bility points
PREGAME Krysti Baxter/ postcard


TRANSCRIBE a scene from The Killing
CHOSE the scene
GO to Chapman, have heashots stamped, put up on the wall
FOLLOW diet for a week
CHOSE two scenes
SET UP meeting with Verne
ROUGH draft of Mail Chimp


SEND pilot to Thea
LIST of five dream show runners
JOHN takes scenes and works with them in class
PREP American Apparel spoof
START conversation with Tim
WRITE Brian an email in his own voice to send to Ray
CREATE three pitches (create another Heather)

Don’t rely on ritual and routine- we need unexpected stimulus- go to Kundalini yoga- try new sources of information. Exposing yourself to new people, energies, absorbing more energy. Be genuinely effected. Kudalini opens up the hips- very sexual type of yoga. Spin with Brian. Bring out the animal. Brick Cross Fit you can get a week for free.

On the Mark Media.net (Pasadena) where you can rent lenses (amazing place, really cheap, better than Sammy’s. Referral from Whitney Rice/Chris)
I know you are submitting me like crazy so what can I do? Do you think my photos are the problem?

Update your PDB constantly

BRIAN Is in constant contact with his agent: He lets them know, book me out here, here’s new pics, see things on La Casting- let them know?

looking into equity. Same people cast all the Broadway Shows.
interested in coming in for some of your projects
Look into BRAND modeling agent
Attach a show runner/vibe
Do you read the breakdowns see a script you think would suit you
Say I have a shoot

Structure with under three minutes, write a script, import to your own camera.
Take a voice over class/ make a reel
Patrick Cavanaugh’s agent (same as Chris’s agent) gets in for everything animation
has a class for $20

voice 123
Building your Voice over Empire in development June 20/ Friday
Privates with Killian?
Kalminson privates?
Voice over workshops/gyms


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