Notes for Friday 5/18


WINS – Start saying a LIFE win as well as career win. In a meeting if they ask you what’s going on in your life, you need to have more to talk about than just your career.

Survey Monkey – Can create surveys to send to the group to find out information

On calendar – Keep items about 4 business days apart

Agents on the Short List from Christy Baxter and Wayne Morse:

Global Artists* 5

Green and Associates 2



AEF* 4

BBA* 6

Premiere Talent Group

Studio Talent*

Talent House*

Sovereign* (John represented by them – not everyone happy with them)

Question when you’re asking for referrals: “How open are you to referring me to this agency?” Then tell them specifically what you’d like for them to do: “Could you please email them and tell them A, B, C” Then give them an out: “If that’s not something you’re comfortable with, no worries.”

PDB’s DO NOT HAVE TO ONLY BE POSTCARDS! Use all the marketing touches you’ve created (one sheets, castabilities, whatever)


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