SUBMIT on LA Casting 10 times

CONTACT Buckley Samson

SCHEDULE date with Photographer no sooner then 2 weeks

WRITE down 5 one sentence breakdowns, lines or thoughts for each breakdown can be:

retail store girl

girl on a date w/ her bf or her girlfriends

girl having a lazy Saturday

girl who has an office job



PICK UP headshots at AKA and BRING lunch to Mitch and AKA team

RESEARCH Agents for target list, KSA, JLA

REVISE agent list with 10 agencies, be specific with names at agencies

DRAFT agent opinion e-mail

PREPARE labels for PDB mailing, include message and addresses, (can say recently finished touring Romeo and Juliet)


DRAFT agent opinion e-mail

CREATE target list of casting directs you have already seen

PUT yourself on tape

MAIL post cards to commercial Casting Directors and PBD

CALL 3 each agent offices. Script can include: “My name is Jennipher Lewis, I’m an actress looking to get known by your agency, what’s the best way to do that…thank you so much what was your name?”

PICK your scene and COACH on The Underpants


WRITE sell-abililty sheet, and WRITE potential questions for Ted

RESPOND to Anne with direct answers

SEND Manager opinion e-mail

READ “Good in a Room” by Stephanie Palmer

WRITE down 5 questions for Ted


SEND Beverly thank you email

MAIL a thank you to Tom Markley

CONTACT John re: Tom Markley

SEND agent referral email

SEND PDB mailing

SIGN UP for two 2nd hit workshops

CREATE calendar list

SEND out castability breakdowns for feedback


WRITE the 5 questions you’d want to be asked in a meeting and ANSWER them

WRITE 5 points of just the facts (where am I from, etc)

SEND mailchimp draft to group

FINALIZE one sheet

SIGN UP for Lowell Shapiro workshop

PREGAME Lowell Shapiro


EMAIL target commercial agents with H/R

CALL target commercial agents, “What’s the best way to set up a meeting?”

SEND final pics to retoucher


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