CHRISCREATE reel editing business goal
CREATE six month goal (include hours of accent of focus a week or meet with Bob)
BRING in list of workshops you’ve done and how many times/weeks you’ve met the person
RESEARCH Talent-to-Go
USE your American accent in public three chunks of time this week (next week only American in salon!)
ADD 30 names to PDB
SEND out a PDB mailing

SEND commercial postcard in envelopes
KEEP UP with calender
SIGN UP for Groundlings audition
SEND agent opinion email
ADD three commercial names to target list

“I’m about to be the best client in the whole world! Starting classes at improv booty world and commercial class with J&J”

EDIT one sheet
CELEBRATE DROP OFF at Hervey Grimes (it is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission)
CALL Eddy and tell him it should be arriving today
SEND Brian Norris email about location
NAIL DOWN location or else (Patacs will fist you)
SEND official email/call sheet to team = make it a professional project!
*Malcolm Devine, actor
SEND out one sheet

weekly mantra: “do not let perfection be the enemy of good”
CREATE six months goals
ORDER postcards with headshot we chose in salon
ADD 30 names to PDB
PRINT names off Casting About
CHECK IN with group on Saturday and Monday

CHOOSE 3 scenes for pitch tape
REWRITE sketch and monologue
WORK OUT 3 times this week
BE performance ready for rehearsal with Jackie
READ ‘Grape of Wraths’

ASK Abrams where they send their clients for print
FIND two cold PDB contacts to reconnect to and reach out
TELL agent about Chris Game
INVESTIGATE studio feature targets = directors, producers, cds
MAKE a list of 25 and find contacts that are once removed
PLAN a dinner party with an idea that this will be recurring
CREATE guest list with one uncomfortable reach person

EMAIL Vern and say you’d like it done by mid-June
DO Vern’s assignment with two clip ideas
CHOOSE one pitch clip scene
REACH OUT to Chapman director about how to get cast in other films
CREATE a process to follow diet


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