FRIDAY AM TASKS due 5/18/12

> EMAIL your agent/manager and your target list > DROP OFF one sheet on Mon, Tues, Wed
> SEND fax on Thurs (Fri)
> CHOOSE a director
> SET a date for shoot
> WRITE second episode of Toxic Shock
> MAIL PDB (new manager!)
> VISIT commercial agent
> REHEARSE three times
> EMAIL your agent/manager and your target list > FILM scene from SoDak movie
> SEND it to director, writer, and producer
> CHECK Showfax for sides
> OVERHAUL target list (also change PDB?)
> LOG time (reward yourself with time increment)
> EXPERIMENT with a timer twice
> EMAIL your agent/manager and your target list > SEND fax to SOTDL people
> CREATE draft of one sheet
> ORDER new postcards
> POST-GAME workshop
> SIGN UP for two workshops from target list
> REHEARSE three times
> SET UP rehearsal, possibly at JRS
> EMAIL your agent/manager and your target list > FOLLOW up call with every SOTDL person to see if they got your email
> EMAIL Marty-tell him meeting was moved and ask for his help in meeting other agents (say a call from him would really help you and let him know which agents you are targeting)
> SEND pdb mailing-use short breakdowns/character types. Put your website on the pc! > SIGN up for a commercial class
> SEND pdb mailing
> SEND thank you cards to peeps that helped in your production > EMAIL your breakdowns to the group (ask questions)
> SET a date to take headshots
> CONTACT Buckley
> CREATE a theatrical agent list of 8-10 peeps
> EMAIL your agent/manager and your target list
> CALL any agency that you don’t have an answer from, asking to set up a meeting > CREATE sellability project and send it to the group
> CELEBRATE your meeting
> ATTEND at least two shows
> MEET with Nina no matter what
> FOLLOW UP with Pam (try to build relationship)
> EMAIL your agent/manager and your target list > PUT two auditions on tape
> SET UP all agent meetings
> RESCHEDULE headshots for a week later
> CONTACT Buckley Sampson (, 323.309.2755) > WRITE and SEND commercial types to group
> BRAINSTORM comic book for three hours
> EMAIL your agent/manager and your target list > CELEBRATE win of making calls
> ENJOY toolshop and acting everyday
> MAIL one-sheet or castability to your PDB (commercial CDs can get postcards) > POST-GAME Veronica Collins Rooney
> SEND reel to group (if ready) with specific questions for us > CREATE list of 10 managers (ask agent and friends for advice, IMDB research) > WRITE description of your dream manager (m/f? location? young? established?) >
> Notes
> Commercial Workshops: Chris Game, Jan and Jon, Killian’s Workshops, Stuart K. Robinson > Email your agent/manager and your target list.
> Agent/manager meeting questions: “How would you pitch me? What type of shows? Do you like me to contact you after each audition? What is your ideal client? What do you do when not working? Are they’re any socializing/networking that your agency does?”
> You can always request a submission report from your agent. Make it sound like you just want to know who you should be meeting with by doing workshops. > Sent from my iPad


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