AAS Tasks FOR Thursday 5/17

> Mindy
> SEND one sheet
> CANCEL workshop/shift to a different target cd
> DROP OFF packets and get all names of receptionists or you will get stabbed by BP > WORK on material 8 hours this week
> Marie
> CELEBRATE making 5 calls to commercial CDs
> WORKOUT 3 times this week
> WRITE sketch and monologue
> SIGN UP for seal the deal target list office workshop
> PUT audition on tape and send to target offices
> READ open fist script
> Jackie
> CREATE a tangible summer acting goal
> ORDER postcards
> REDUCE headshot pool (by the pool)
> CELEBRATE shootie patoots
> Courtney
> SEND thank you- please extend my gratitude to your colleagues > CALL house of reps (Indra) and any others TODAY and EMAIL today > CALL tomorrow to follow up and call again Tuesday
> GET back to LW1 Wednesday to say you want to sign or need more time > PREGAME manager
> FINISH with Actors Access
> DROP OFF packets
> Katie
> PUT yourself on tape and send to target list
> SIGN UP for workshop
> ASSEMBLE packets
> SEND fax
> CREATE Save Me Pdb
> Katy
> SEND PDB mailing
> CALL five commercial cd office and find out what they want you to do > PREP for shoot
> EMAIL director call to action
> SEND hard copy’s to Judy and Mark
> START process of reel editing


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