Wed Pm tasks 5/9/2012

Chelsea: “The week of signing up for fabulous classes”

1.) Sign up for LA CASTING and submit 5 times

2.) Create a target list of Casting Directors based on the 5 shows

3.) Sign up for an improv class

4.) Meet with a Beeca at ACT NOW (sign up for workshop?)

5.) Create a list of 8 commercial agents

6.) GTS once, “google the shit”


1.) Create a list of people with copy, contact them once follow up if necessary

2.) Resume scan, look to see if you can reach out to anyone there for your PDB

3.) Make a list of all the workshops you’ve done, when you’ve done them, and have you seen them twice?

4.) Sign up for 2 workshops of people you’ve already seen

5.) Create a list of 8 to 10 commercial agencies

6.) Investigate CAZT

7.) GTS once, “google the shit” out of all the names on the Casting Offices


1.) Send letter to Sophia Coppola add from your calendar a month from now send another letter

2.) Order Postcards

3.) Live to tell the tale message (“I ate 50 jalepenos…”)

4.) Rehearse for class 4 times

5.) Send Thank You to Corinna Walters and House of Reps

6.) Look for Workshop with Audino Schiff

7.) Find a workshop with any “seal the deal” people

8.) Show off your scene to a group of people


1.) Call Colleen on Friday at noon

2.) Send manager opinion email (and to the loop)

3.) Send managers email with ONE link

4.) Write outline for short

5.) (not due this week) Begin thinking about Sell-Ability Sheet


1.) Create List of Casting Director fans

2.) Five Surprising Sell-Ability Points

3.) What shows do you see yourself on right now?

4.) Create list of 8-10 Managers

5.) Draft to Mailchimp, send to group

6.) Sign-up for Manager Showcase at JRS this Sunday

Lowam: tell agents that you’re looking into classes with: Chris Gain, Jen and John’s, Killians, Steawart K. Robinson


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