PEAK Models and Talent Meeting


CALL 5 commercial casting offices and do what they say ("hi my name is samantha stewart, i’m an actor and i’m wondering what’s the best way to get known by your office?" if needed you can say, "like showcases or workshops?" and you may also volunteer that you have an agent, if needed)

SEND EMAIL by Monday – vimeo link to target list on the calendar and additional contacts ("here’s an audition I just put myself on tape for"). Test the link by emailing it to yourself.
FAX your targets on Thursday – (Tough guy with a golden heart…or not. Think Grizz & DotCom on 30 Rock, a little paragraph and your contact information).
INVESTIGATE Tillmar & Midwest Talent on IMDBpro (how many clients, how big is the staff, who the clients are)
FOLLOW UP with Gary Purdy until you get a no or a yes (4x this week)
FOWARD your materials (photos & text) to designer for a CASTABILITY sheet (Patrick Donahue)

QUESTIONS FOR THE AGENTS: how do you communicate with your clients? how often do you see them? i appreciate that you are going to submitting me, what other ways have you found to get your clients in doors? what about workshops?


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