AAS Monday am Notes 5/7

· The whole point of a target list is to keep it small and build solid relationships with them.

· Add people you know involved with projects to your PDB.

· There’s no right way to do a one sheet, there’s what inspires and excites you.

· Accept obstacles as proof that you’re moving forward and celebrate the “unknown, scary place” that will without doubt lead to your triumphant outcome!

· Don’t take anything personally!

· Communicate with your group!!! ASK FOR HELP!!!

· Again, everyone needs a Maxie in their life!


· If there are no workshops, call and ask for a General.

· It’s better to have 4 great pieces on your reel than too many trying to show everything you can do. Because when you’re young it’s not expected that you have a lot under your belt.

· You are the CEO of your company!

· You’re never going to find the time, you have to make the time!

· You will run into walls, knock ‘em over! -Brian Norris


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