WEDS PM TASKS 5/2/2012

SEND dirty messy manager opinion email
DRAFT first email for managers for calendar
CALL Nathan at Sovereign and ask for manager suggestions

MAKE two other scary phone calls
FIGURE OUT Mailchimp
FIX website
THINK ABOUT what else you can put in a drop off

CALL Lizzy and force her to do her first task
CREATE postcard and/or marketing piece with screencap from Carl’s Jr
SIGN UP for Jeff Greenberg or Chrystal Karge workshop
REHEARSE for class every day
SELF TAPE something and send to Mark
WRITE a letter to Sofia Coppola

REVISE breakdowns
ADD 10 more names to PDB
FINISH target list, make sure to add procedurals
DRAFT postcard with new headshots and SEND draft to group

REVISE breakdowns
ADD 10 people to your PDB
REVISE target list
DRAFT postcard and SEND draft to group
SIGN UP for LA Casting & Casting Frontier
UPDATE photo on Actors Access
COME UP with your 3rd 6 month goal

EXPERIMENT with a timer
REVISE breakdowns
ADD 15 people to PDB
CREATE headshot looks
CHOOSE a photo and DRAFT a postcard
SEND 6 month goals to


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