Weds Morning 5/2/2012 Notes


Don’t put too much language into an opening email to the rep’s. "How can I get a meeting with this agent/manager?"

Visualize the worst case: is it really that bad?

Call: “how do I set up a meeting with PERSON at AGENCY?”

One sheets are more visual than castability sheet. small headline texts. and a little paragraph about yourself!

Pregame: send letter to CD and send everyone else in the office a postcard saying who you will be meeting and where.

80% of your income comes from 20% of your work, resources, contacts.

Must be GOOD/consistent in front of CD’s at least 4 times! Must really connect with them. They will see you in one way, and you will get called in for that type of role.

It’s not that agents don’t LIKE you — they just don’t need your project today.

SOTDL: Targeted Media Blitz. The whole point is to get an ANSWER.

Don’t use secondary jobs as an excuse for not getting your acting work done. There are other actors out there that are losing sleep that will leave you in the dust!

If you need to grow balls — create an alter-ego for yourself! ex: Beyonce as Sasha Fierce.

DO consistent good work — don’t focus on booking the job. That’s collateral & it will come


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